MSL Monthly Picks – September 2022

It’s the start of another month, and it just happens to be Bourbon Heritage Month, so Jon and I have some new picks from distilleries that certainly have played important roles in the history of our native spirit. Without further adieu, here they are…

Luke’s Pick – Wild Turkey Rare Breed (2021 Release – 116.8 Proof)

If you’re like me, you take Bourbon Heritage Month very seriously. After all, bourbon is our history and it is something we do better than anyone else. Disagree with me? It is probably best that you unfollow this page.

Anyways, when I start to think about my roots in bourbon, Wild Turkey almost always comes to mind. I personally think Jimmy and Eddie Russell are making some of the best whiskey out there that is readily available and available at a value no less! So naturally, for Bourbon Heritage Month I decided to pick a bottle that I always keep in stock: Wild Turkey Rare Breed.

This particular batch of barrel proof Wild Turkey was released in 2021 and comes in at 116.8 proof. This batch also happens to be one of my favorites, not including some of the batches that came out in the early 1990s. This is your basic Wild Turkey mash bill (75/13/12) but these batches are bottled at barrel proof!

On the nose, this bourbon delivers brown sugar, vanilla, a touch of red apple, plenty of spice, and a little of that funky Wild Turkey oak. On the palate, it provides a velvety mouthfeel and a smooth sweet profile consisting of brown sugar, dark chocolate, and some toasted grain, but the spice and heat from the higher proof really takes this pour to another level. The spice builds mid-palate and becomes slightly floral, adding a touch of spearmint. The finish is long with plenty of lingering spice mid-palate and just the right amount of burn to remind you that you were drinking barrel proof whiskey. More of that dark chocolate and toffee can be found, along with some oak tannins that provide a bit of astringency to usher in the next sip.

I think this is an absolutely delicious bottle of bourbon, and at $50 this is one that I buy by the case because it simply delivers! This may be barrel proof whiskey, but don’t be shy…pour yourself three fingers and let all of your concerns melt away!

Jon’s Pick – Jack Daniels Black Label

Some of my earliest memories of tasting whiskey (we’re talking 1950’s here folks) are of Jack Daniels black label. Back in the day, Jack and Coke was our go-to drink. And, to this day, I’ll still order one here and there for old times’ sake. Jack Daniels black label is bourbon candy. It starts as bourbon (let’s not argue about this right now) that is filtered through ten feet of maple charcoal.

There’s a reason this is America’s best selling whiskey. It’s the very definition of smooth when it comes to whiskey. Jack is famous for it’s banana mouthfeel. It’s a cool, refreshing pour. At 80 proof, it’s not going to kick. And if I forgot to mention, it’s under $30 a bottle!

Today I like my Jack Black over ice cubes. It’s a refreshingly delightful pour. No cherry needed! Cheers!

You know where you can find these bottles! Once you give them a try, come find us on the porch and let us know what you think!

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