MSL Monthly Picks – August 2022

Time for some more delicious whiskey picks! Here’s what we’ve been drinking…

Luke’s Pick

Back in 2020, Buffalo Trace threw the whiskey world a curveball and decided to revamp one of its bottom shelf bottles into a whole new lineup of whiskeys. McAfee’s Benchmark went from being a go-to bottom shelf pour to a lineup of five whiskeys: Top Floor, Small Batch, Single Barrel, Bonded, and Full Proof. So what do we know about the whiskey? Not much, other than this whiskey presumably comes from mash bill #1, is aged for a significantly shorter period of time than other Buffalo Trace products, and all of these iterations come in at the $20-$25 price point.

Now if you know anything about my preferences, it should be no surprise that I immediately grabbed the Full Proof release. Bottled at entry proof of 125, Full Proof is the highest proof whiskey in this lineup, and in my opinion, delivers the best sipping experience.

On the nose this whiskey is a butterscotch bomb! In addition to the rich butterscotch, there is just a touch of ethanol with hints of vanilla, spice, and barrel char. On the palate, the higher proof is immediately noticeable, not just because of a heavier ethanol punch, but also because of the thick mouthfeel and bold flavors. The spice hits quickly mid-palate  along with plenty of brown sugar, milk chocolate and baking spice…just like a chocolate chip butter crunch cookie! The finish is medium-long with some lingering spice, plenty of those rich sweet notes, and some subtle oak.

This is a bold and flavorful sipping whiskey that comes in at the perfect price point. Don’t be afraid of that screw top bottle…the whiskey inside is worthy of your time. Grab yourself a bottle of this release, or any of the newer Benchmark releases, and come join us on the porch.

Jon’s Pick

Old Grand-dad is, in my opinion, one of the Jim Beam Distillery’s home runs. Take all those Beam products, line ‘em up, and there’s a better than even chance that I’d go for the OGD 114. I like any good pour neat and this one certainly fits the bill. But the 114 proof upfront spiciness really pops over ice. 

How does it taste? It pops on the palate with high proof spice. Hold on for 4-5 seconds and it magically melts into bourbon vanillas and caramels, and a bit of cinnamon. It finishes long, finally fading…but it’s not over. You’ve prepped your palate for OGD. Your next taste is melodic!

This guy should be on every bar. Make it a go-to in your cocktails. It has more punch for the buck than a wide array of higher priced offerings. When someone says take your best shot, don’t hesitate to pour the Old Grand-dad 114. Cheers!

As always, stop by the original Market Square Liquors on Timberlane Road in Tallahassee to pick up these bottles, and then come find us on the porch!

Cheers y’all!

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