Welcome to the Capital City Bourbon Show Podcast! This is a podcast for people who love bourbon, whiskey, and spirits in general. Join us for regular tastings, reviews, interviews with distillers and blenders, barrel pick adventures, and other social media events. Cheers Y’all!

Episode 3-6 – John Rempe The Capital City Bourbon Show

Join us on the porch as we sit down with the Master Distiller and Blender for Lux Row Distillers, John Rempe.  John tells us all about his background in food science and his initial roles creating carbonated soft drinks and juice before joining the Luxco Family. We then taste through some amazing Lux Row products and hear all about John's process for blending exceptional whiskey. Cheers y'all!
  1. Episode 3-6 – John Rempe
  2. Episode 3-5 – Barrell Craft Spirits
  3. Episode 3-4 – Chicken Cock Whiskey (Gregg Snyder)
  4. Episode 3-3 – Two Souls Spirits
  5. Episode 3-2 – Limestone Branch
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