MSL Monthly Picks – May 2023

A new month means some brand new picks at the original Market Square Liquors! MSL had several new barrel picks come in this month, as well as some new releases, so Jon and I definitely had to put in some work to come up with our recommendations this month. It is hard work, but we don’t mind the sacrifice!

Luke’s Pick – Jefferson’s Ocean Single Barrel (MSL 2022)

I will be the first to admit that Jefferson’s Ocean is not a bottle you will typically find in my bourbon cabinet. With very few exceptions, I’ve found that most of these releases fell flat, and I just could not buy into the novelty of the additional aging-at-sea process, especially at that price point. So suffice to say, I initially turned my nose up at the prospect of a single barrel pick of this release. Well, I was wrong!

Here are some facts on the barrel we picked. Voyage 27 started off in Savannah, Georgia and then made its through the Panama Canal on the way to Singapore. After a quick trip around Australia and then a visit in Tahiti, the barrels made their way back through the Panama Canal and the Caribbean before returning to port. You can see a full map of the voyage here:

It’s Jefferson’s so we don’t know the mash bill or age, but we do know this barrel was bottled at cask strength of 61.2% abv (122.4 proof), and the barrel yield was only 129 bottles. Fun fact: this was 1 of only 3 individual barrels sold in the state of Florida.

This barrel proof single barrel of Jefferson’s Ocean Voyage #27 is absolutely delicious. From nose to finish, it is a big, bold whiskey that will not disappoint. On the nose, this barrel delivers a bouquet of rich sweetness, including dark chocolate covered caramel, vanilla, some dark fruit, and slight floral/citrus aroma. On the palate, that sweetness is present but quickly transitions to a more prominent spice mid-palate with some oak influence, along with just a hint of brininess from that salt air. The finish is medium-long with more oaky sweetness, plenty of lingering spice and heat (to remind you that this is a barrel proof whiskey) and just a bit more of that briny aftertaste. It may sound strange, but the salt air really worked wonders on this barrel!

Jon’s Pick – Knob Creek (MSL 2022-23)

Here at Market Square Liquors in Tallahassee’s Market District, our privately selected single barrel offerings have been recognized nationally as some of the most sought after spirits in the USA.

That said, I’d like to draw your attention to Knob Creek from the warehouses of Jim Beam in Claremont, Kentucky. We offer our ‘23 selection and a few of the delicious ‘22 bottles.

Knob Creek is bottled from a single barrel at 120 proof. They present as full bodied, well aged, classic bourbon. The predominant aroma and tastes are dark caramel, vanilla bean, in a pleasant charred cinnamon base. Our selections also offer up a cherry sweetness that makes them outstanding barrels & sets them apart from the standard shelf bottles.

I recommend proofing your pour down by adding a bit of water until you get the benefit of all of the sweetness. A couple cubes of ice & you’ve got some fine sipping, Kentucky bourbon.

Reach for a private selection. You can’t go wrong.

As always, head over to Market Square Liquors on Timberlane Road to grab these bottles, and then come and join us on the porch! Cheers y’all!

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