MSL Monthly Whiskey Picks – May 2022

Well, the start of a new month means its time for another set of monthly whiskey picks at the original Market Square Liquors on Timberlane Road. This month, Jon and I had no trouble coming up with our individual picks because we both found ourselves enjoying these bottles over the past several weeks.

Luke’s Pick – Old Forester 1920

There is a lot of whiskey on the shelves these days, and it seems that the price point on most of these newer offerings keeps going higher and higher. Fortunately, there are still some absolutely delicious bottles of whiskey that are readily available and that won’t break the bank! That brings me to my pick for the month of May: Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style.

This 115 proof expression, which is the third release in Old Forester’s Whiskey Row Series, is a celebration of the brand’s continued production during prohibition. On the nose, this whiskey presents a nice bouquet of dark fruit, plenty of spice, oak, and some brûléed banana. The richness of the nose transitions to the palate with a somewhat sweet start, revealing notes of dark fruit, vanilla, and milk chocolate. However, that higher proof really packs a punch of heat and a fairly sharp spice begins to develop mid-palate, so the sip is not overly sweet. The finish is medium-long with plenty of lingering spice, chocolate covered peanuts, caramel, and a subtle note of citrus, all of which is pulled together with just the right amount of dry oak.

For me, Old Forester 1920 is one of the best value, daily sipping whiskeys available in the market today. The rich profile and higher proof make for an absolutely delicious sip that is really unmatched at the $60-$70 price point.

Jon’s Pick – Four Roses Small Batch Select

One of my favorite every day pours is Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon. It’s a blend that combines all of the Four Roses flavor notes: spice, floral, fruity, and the typical caramel and burnt sugar notes. However, my pick this month is Four Roses Small Batch SELECT! It’s Small Batch with an attitude! Weighing in at 105 proof, this is a true sipper. Imagine a banana bread with a double dose of cinnamon and toasted cherries and dates. Bake it in a bourbon barrel oven at 375 and serve it with only a Luxardo cherry! Settle back & take your own sweet time! Enjoy.

If you’re not familiar with these bottles, I recommend that you head over to Market Square Liquors and add these to your collection. Once you’ve had a chance to give them a try, come find us on the porch and tell us what you think!

Cheers y’all!

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