Market Square Liquor’s Knob Creek Single Barrel Rye


Time for another shout out to Tallahassee’s very own Market Square Liquors!

This is another one of the MSL Barrel Team’s excellent barrel selections that I have really been enjoying for the past few weeks so I thought it was time for a review.  This is the Knob Creek Single Barrel Select Rye and it is absolutely wonderful.

Based on my limited research, the mashbill for this rye consists of 55% rye, 35% corn, and 10% malted barley. This rye comes in at 115 proof (57.5% abv).


Appearance  – dark orange amber. This is a thick, oily bourbon that leaves nice legs in the glass.

Nose – light cinnamon, cereal,  rye spice, and sweetness of cherry syrup.

Palate – initially there is a nice balance of sweetness and rye spice and then the rye spice takes over. In my opinion there is just the right amount of bite here. There is a slight burn from the high proof, but you don’t have to work hard to get through it. The rye spice slowly fades and there are notes of vanilla, cinnamon, dark cherry, cereal, and very light oak.

Finish – this is a thick rye that leaves a nice coating in your mouth. The finish is medium-long and very smooth. The rye spice lingers perfectly, along with notes of dark cherry, cereal, and spicy cinnamon, reminiscent of red hot candies.

Overall – this is an exceptional barrel select and an exceptional rye whiskey! The flavors are complex and strong but they work well together to produce a very easy drinking, high-proof rye. I have a feeling I will get to know this rye even more throughout the holiday season!

Head over to Market Square Liquors to pick up a bottle while it is in stock! Cheers!

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