WhistlePig Old World 12-Year Rye


Time for my first rye review!

For this review, I picked a rye that is perfect for a nice Fall day. This rye is particularly smooth, complex and deserving of a slow embrace. Pour a glass and take your time with this one!

This is WhistlePig’s Old World 12-Year Cask Finish Rye. This is a marriage of three different rye whiskeys that were aged for 12 years in new American oak barrels and then finished in Madeira, French Sauternes, and Port wine barrels. The  actual blend of the rye is 63% Madeira, 30%, French Sauternes, and 7% Port.

The mashbill consists of 95% rye and 5% malted barley. This rye comes in at 86 proof (43% abv).


Appearance – dark golden honey.

Nose – As I brought this one close, it initially reminded me of light pickling spice. The nose continued to open up nicely with notes of apple cider, caramel, and vanilla.

Palate – this rye is incredibly soft on the palate. The traditional rye spice is definitely there, along with notes of dried apricots, raisins, and honey.

Finish – the finish is long, smooth, and warm, with no burn whatsoever. It was heavy with caramel apple and vanilla, with subtle notes of orange and pomegranate towards the end.

Overall – I absolutely love everything WhistlePig makes, and this rye is no exception. It is extremely smooth, complex, and flavorful. The price is a little high ($120) but this is a bottle that definitely delivers!

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