STA Distillery Port Finished Bourbon


For my next review, I thought I would keep it local and give a shout out to the St. Augustine Distillery in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida. If you haven’t been to the distillery, or the attached restaurant/bar, you are really missing out.  The distillery sits in a century-old former power plant and they offer free guided tours every hour. It is a wonderful experience, and I know I will be going back very soon. While you are there, hopefully you will have the opportunity to taste the bourbon in this review, the Port Barrel Finished Double Cask Bourbon.

This bourbon is made from STA’s Double Cask Bourbon that has been aged for an additional period in port wine barrels from the nearby San Sebastian Winery.

The Double-Cask Bourbon itself is made from a mashbill of 60% locally-sourced corn, 22% malted barley, and 18% locally-sourced wheat. This is a great example of a “fresh from Florida” product. I don’t have specifics, but according to the website the initial release of this bourbon was aged for 16 to 28 months in new 25-gallon and seasoned 53-gallon barrels. The bourbon comes in at 102 proof (51% abv).

As of right now, this bottle can only be purchased at the distillery and retails for roughly $80.


Appearance – amber.

Nose – cedar, light smokiness with some sweetness, reminiscent of toasted marshmallow.

Palate – Spicy at first but then the fruit flavors (almost a mild strawberry) begin to come through. The oak is consistently strong throughout the sip with notes of mint beginning to develop.

Finish – Medium finish. The spice and fruit dissipates and heavy oak remains, with subtle hints of mint and citrus peel.

Overall – While the youth of this bourbon comes across on the palate, it has a rich and fruity flavor that does not disappoint.

Personally, this is my favorite bottle from the STA Distillery. The port finish gave the Double Cask bourbon some additional sweetness and flavor and overall this bottle makes a great addition to my bourbon cabinet. Can’t wait to see what the STA Distillery comes up with next!

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